Miscellaneous Articles and Reviews

Review of New York Dada, exhibition and catalog, Whitney Museum  2016.
"Robert Hughes' Hat Trick", Art Journal, spring, 1998.
Review of Jonathan Fineberg's Art Since 1940, Art Journal, summer, 1996. 
Review of books on Elaine deKooning and Lee Krasner, Women's Art Journal, fall, 1997.
"Art Under Fascism, " review of Michele Cone, Artists Under Vichy and Peter Adams, ", ArtJournal, 1994.
"The Third Man or Automatism American Style," Art Journal, winter 1988.
"Joan Mitchell," Arts, March, 1988 
"Alchemy in the 1947 work of Enrico Donati","  Arts, January 1988.
"Stephen Pace," Arts, April, 1987.  
"Gerome Kamrowski--the most surrealist of us all," Arts, December, 1987.
"The Archaizing Surrealism of Kurt Seligmann," Arts, February, 1986.
"Stanley William Hayter and the Revolution in American Printmaking, Arts, January, 1986.
"Prolegomena to a Study of Matta," Arts, December, 1985. 
"Alan Gussow, Artist/Activist", Arts March 1984.
"Packaging Artworks," A Review of New Books by Dore Ashton, Abraham Davidson, and Peter Selz, Art Journal,  Fall, 1983  
"Ellen Lanyon, The Art of Magic" Arts, March 1984.
"Realism and Realities," review of exhibition and book. Art Journal, summer, 1982
"Milton Avery,"Museum, September 1982.
"Nell Blaine," Spring, 1982.
"Robert De Niro, Imaginary Traveler," Arts, February 1982.
"The Later Realism of Jean Helion," Arts, November 1981 .
"Kenneth Snelson and the Tensegrity Principle, Arts, September 1981.
"Richard Pousette-Dart., States of Grace." Arts, October 1981.
"Leland Bell, "London Arts Review, October, 1989.
"Abstract Origins of Contemporary Representation," Arts, June 1976.
"The Sculpture of Mary Frank" Arts, February 1978
"Wolf Kahn and the Legacy of Hans Hofmann," Arts, February 1977.
"Pat Adams," Arts, May 1976.
"Morris Kantor 's Cubo Futurism," Arts, February 1976.
"The Structure of Light, Reuben Tam on Monhegan Island." Arts, December, 1975.
"The Abstract Symbolism of Stephen Greene, Arts, October, 1975.
"Richard Pousette-Dart 20th century Transcendentalist", Arts, November 1974. 
"The Sculture of William King, Arts Yearbook, 1965
"Revolution in Art Materials, Petroleum Today, June 1965. 
"The Nature Symbols of Thomas George, Art International, November, 1965.
"Abraham Walkowitz, Pioneer Abstractionist," Arts, February 1964.
"Standing Up for Painterly Representation," Arts, September 1963.
"Louisa Matthiasdottir," Arts, April 1961.
"Gonzales, Lipchitz and the Development of Open-form Sculpture," Arts, January 1962.
"Passionate Collectors, Modest Circumstances," Gentleman's Quarterly, October 1961.
"New York Galleries Expand Downtown," Gentleman's Quarterly, September1960.
"Max Ernst in Retrospect," Arts, April 1961.
"Ralph Rosenborg," Arts, 1960.
"Richard Stankiewicz, Sculpture from the Scrapheap," Arts Yearbook 3, 1959.
"The Achievement of Jan Muller," Arts, February, 1959.
"Funk and Wagnalls New International Encyclopedia Yearbook for 1959 and 1960; surveys of art and architecture for those years.
"Richard Pousette-Dart," Arts Yearbook 3, 1959.
"Frank Lloyd Wright's Legacy: The New Guggenheim Museum," La Bienale di Venezia, summer 1959.
"Hyde Solomon," Arts, March 1958.
"Lee Gatch, Recent Paintings,"Arts, May 1958.
"Edouard Pignon," Arts, March 1958.
"Bradley Walker Tomlin in Retrospect," Arts, May 1957.
"Profile of Adja Yunkers," Arts, April 1957.
"Backgrounds of American Printmaking," Arts, September1956   
"Earl Kerkham, AmericanCubist," Arts, March 1957.
"Playing with Fire, the Sculpture of Ibram Lassaw,"  Arts, December    1955.

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