Essays for exhibition catalogs

"Two Generations: Roberto Matta and Federica Matta," Rosenbaum Gallery, Boca Raton, 2019.
"Ceci n'est pas un gateau," in Pat Lasch, Journeys of the Heart, Palm Springs Art Museum 2017.
"Matta: No Fixed Point," Pace Gallery, 2015.
"Richard Pousette Dart," Pace Gallery, 2016.
"Gretna Campbell, Paintings from Great Cranberry Island," Courthouse Gallery, 2016.
"John Heliker, Paintings from the Cranberry Island Years," Courthouse Gallery, 2014.
"Charles Cajori, A Swift Continuum," David Findlay Gallery, 2015.
Matta at IVAM, 2011.
"Matta in New York," Centro Cultural La Moneda, Chile, 2011.
"Jimmy Ernst: Between the Seen and the Unseen," Weinstein Gallery, 2010.
"Three Abstract Expressionists," Courthouse Gallery, 2010.
"Marcia Clark, Arctic Paintings," Ilulissat Kunstuseum, 2013.
"Matta, Five decades of Painting: Delineation of Universal Architectures," Pace Gallery, 2009.
"Temma Bell New Work," Hafnarborg, Ice land, 2007.
"Louisa Matthiasdottir and Leland Bell, Still lifes from a Shared Life," Hafnarborg, Iceland, 2007.
"Norman Turner: A survey," Wright State University, 2007.
"Al Kresch" Wright State University, 2006.
"Pat Adams , Paintings 1954 -2004", Zabriskie Gallery, 2005.
"Reversing the Tide:  European Modernism comes to America," European Muses American Masters, Portland Museum of Art, 2004.
"Simon Carr, The Narrative Tradition", Union Theological Seminary 2005.
"Gerome Kamrowski, Abstract Surrealism into Abstract Expressionism,"
Weinstein Gallery, 2005.   
"Seymour Lipton, A sculptor's Odyssey," Michael Rosenfeld , 2005. 
"Voyagers in Space: Gordon Onslow Ford's Paintings of the 1960s and 1970s," Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco, 2004.
"Andre Masson in America: From Nature as Myth to Nature Experienced",  
Andre Masson 1896 - 1987, Reina Sofia Museum, 2004.
"Andre Masson, son epoque Americaine," Galerie Cazeau Beraudiere, 2002.
"Mary Frank, Connecting Facets of Existence," University of Richmond Museum, 2003.
"Louis Finkelstein, the late Pastels," Wright State University, 2003.
"Rosemarie Beck Paintings 1965 -2001", Wright State University", 2002.
"Irving Kriesberg Sculpture," Lori Bookstein Gallery, 2001.
"A Glass Seen and Seen Through," Zeuxis, Facets of Perception, 2005.
"Charles Cajori, 40 years of Drawing," The New York Studio School, 2000.
"Keith Long Sculptures Murales," Galerie Lelia Mordoch, 1996.
"Aristodemos Kaldis Paintings 1941-1977," Foundation for Hellenic Culture, 1999.
"Alan Gussow, Neruda's Garden Odes," M B Modern, 1997.
"Anne Baxter, Fencing the Image, sculpture and bas relief," Galeria Jean Martin, 1998.
"The Hansa Gallery Revisited, 1952-59." Zabriskie Gallery, 1997.
"Younghee Choi Martin, A hundred Visions and Revisions," Mesa Public Library, 1997.
"Andre Masson in America," Zabriskie gallery 1996.
"Jimmy Ernst The Trials of Silence", 1942-1983". Tampa Museum, 1994.
"Moderns in Mind: Gordon Onslow Ford," Artists Space, 1986.
"Stephen Pace, From Abstract Expressionism to Perceptual Painting," 
Olin Art Center, Bates College.
"Thomas Cornell: The Birth of Nature," Walker Art Museum, Bowdoin College, 1990.
"Il Surrealismo negli Stati Uniti", I Surrealisti, Milan, 1989.
"Ralph Rosenborg Watercolors," Princeton Gallery of Fine Art, 1988.
"Les Surrealistes aux Etats Unis," La Planete Affolee, Musee Cantini, Marseilles, 1986.
"The Cycloptic Eye, Pataphysics and the Possible," The Interpretive Link, Newport Harbor Museum and Whitney Museum, 1986.
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