Artits Confronting Climate Change, exhibition and panel discussion, Blue Mountain Gallery, 2015.
Icelandic Paintings of the 20th Century, Corcoran Gallery of Art.
Los Surrealistas en el Exilio, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, traveled to Museum of Museum Art, Strasbourg. 
Surrealism in Exile -- original documents and artworks from 1938-1945. New York University, Maison Francaise, 1995. 
Artists Against Nuclear Madness, Parsons Exhibition Center, 1983.
People of the SOuth Bronx, Photographs of Walter Rosenblum, Parsons Exhibition Center and other venues, 1981. 
Vignelli Design Retrospective, Parsons Exhibition Center, 1982.
Artists' Books, Parsons Exhib ition Center, 1981. 
New York WPA Artist Then and Now, Parsons Exhibition Center, 1979. 
Commerce and Scenic Travel on the Hudson, 1800s, an exhibition of 19th century prints, Rockland Center for the Arts.
Local Artisans of Two Millenia, Early Native American to Contemporary, Rockland Center for the Arts, 1976. 
Homage to Thomas Wilfred, A Half Century of Light Art, Rockland Center for the Arts, 1975. 
Clinton Hill, A Ten Year Retrospective, Montclair Museum of Art, 1981. 
Hnery Varnum Poor, a retrospective of his paintings sculpture and architecture. Rockland Center of the Arts, Fall 1975.
Three Generations of 19th Century Landscape Painters: John Hill, John William Hill, and John Henry Hill. Rockland Center for the Arts, 1972. 
Abraham Walkowitz Retrospective, Utah Museum of Fine Arts and other venues, 1972. 
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